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Flex Ice


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When a Flex-Ice gel pack is cooled the gel inside forms “flex-ice” a unique soft white paste guaranteed to deliver a recommended treatment. Hot or Cold Microwavable. Flex-Ice gel packs heat in a minute.Flex-Ice gel packs can be heated straight from the freezer. Flex-Ice gel packs are thick and mould to shape – providing better coverage of the treatment area When cooled Flex-Ice turns white to look like ice but the gel remains soft and moldable. Simply put it is like having 4 household ice block trays in one large soft moldable block. Over time (during application) the “flex-ice” will return to a clear gel letting you know a recommended treatment has been delivered - taking the guess work out of application.

Length: 24cm's
Width: 15cm
Height: 3cm
Weight: 500 grams